Venue Informtaion

  CANS2015 will be held in Wangjiang Hotel, Chengdu, China. The venue will be set on Juying Hall in the second floor of Wufu Building, Wangjiang Hotel.

Wufu Building

Wangjiang Hotel Freehand Map


Juying Hall

  Juying Hall, located at the second floor of Wufu Building, is a comfortable and beautiful place for advanced meeting with 150 guests seats.
  1. Free wifi in Juying Hall
  2. Socket under every desk
  3. None Smoking
  Address: No. 42 Xiashahepu Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.C

Juying Hall


VIP room of Juying Hall
Juying Hall Seating Plan Wangjiang Hotel Traffic Map(Download)